Our Foundation

We are collaboration of Guides and parents who work to bring an authentic Montessori experience to Calgary families.

Mission Statement

Maria Montessori Education Centre provides an authentic, low tuition, Montessori community for Calgary’s children and their families. We are dedicated to nurturing and respecting each child as unique and valuable individuals as they develop skills that will enable them to become self-confident, caring citizens of the world. Through Montessori philosophy, students are encouraged to reach their highest potential academically, emotionally, and morally as they grow in respect for themselves, others, and our earth.

Philosophy Statement

Our philosophy is an extension of Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational dream: “To the young child we give guides to the world and the possibility to explore it through free activity; to the older child we give the cosmos, and a clear vision of how the cosmic energies act in the creation and maintenance of our globe.” Cosmic education relates children to the universe, enabling them to understand the law and order underlying its existence and to realize in themselves all the developmental potential that is their birthright.