2024-06 June Newsletter

“The hands help the development of the intellect. When a child is capable of using his hands, he can have a quantity of experiences in the environment through using them. In order to develop his consciousness, then his intellect, and then his will, he must have exercises and experiences.”

Maria Montessori

Calendar of Events

2024 June

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • MMEC Casino
  • MMEC Casino
  • Whole School Photo, Main Campus
  • Upper Elementary to Youth Link
  • Reports Home
  • Upper Elementary to Camp Kindle
  • Reports Home
  • Upper Elementary to Camp Kindle
  • Grade 9 ELA Part B PAT
  • Grade 6 and Erdkinder: Discussion with MLA Nagwan Al-Guneid
  • Grade 9 Mathematics Part A PAT
  • Conferences
  • Lost and Found on Display
  • Grade 9 Mathematics Part B PAT
  • Lost and Found on Display
  • Grade 6 Social Studies PAT
  • Grade 9 Social Studies PAT
  • Lost and Found on Display
  • Grade 6 Science PAT
  • Grade 9 Science PAT
  • Lost and Found on Display
  • Games Night - Family Fun (Student Leadership Team)
  • Last Day of School - Full Day
  • Grade 9 Moving On Ceremony

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With Gratitude

As each year passes, we are reminded of the importance of our work and the impact of the experiences we create on the children we serve. Montessori education affords us the opportunity to curate environments that give each child the opportunity to grow as an individual, respected for their specific traits and talents. Much of this is possible because of the dedication and deep commitment of our staff. Each day, our staff goes above and beyond to enrich our environments and build relationships of trust and respect with the students.

Parents, too, play an integral part in each child’s success, and our partnership provides the students with a community filled with collaboration and compassion. Thank you for entrusting us with the education and well-being of your children. Your trust in the Montessori philosophy, and us as educators, makes our work more rewarding.

As we look forward to summer break, let’s reflect on all we have accomplished this year and the memories we have made. We wish you a restful and rejuvenating summer filled with joy, laughter, and new adventures! We look forward to welcoming you back in September refreshed and rested, and if you are moving on to other schools, we wish you the absolute best!

Lost and Found

Items will be displayed in the main hallway from June 24 to 26. After June 27, any remaining items will be donated to our MMEC Clothing Line or a charity.

We will remind children to bring all their shoes and other belongings home during the last week of school; please help your children to remember.

Student Leadership Team Games Night 2024

MMEC Games Night will be held on Friday, June 21th, from 4:00 – 6:00 pm at the main campus. This is an evening full of Indigenous inspired games and activities, prizes, pizza, and fun for the whole family! Bring your blanket or lawn chairs as the event will mostly be held outside, weather dependent.

– $20 for a family of 2-3
– $25 for a family of 4-5
– $5 for any additional members ($30 for family of 6, $35 for family of 7)

RSVP for Games Night (Google Form)

MMEC Outdoor Spaces

It is wonderful to see so many families and children enjoying the playground, garden, and field areas after school! Thanks for monitoring your children for kind behaviour, safe play, and respect of our school grounds. We have been having conversations with the children about putting away equipment (in the gray bin), respecting the plants and garden, and avoiding  digging holes anywhere on the grounds. Thanks for helping us by encouraging the same expectations after school.

Summer Reading

Engaging in summer reading not only keeps the academic momentum going but also provides benefits that extend well past the summer months, enhancing critical thinking and creativity. We encourage all our students to read every day over the summer! Please enjoy the following study.


Summer reading tips!
– Create a “cozy reading corner”
– Schedule a predictable time
– Read together, be a role model
– Make it fun
– Provide a variety of literature

Importance of Wearing a Helmet

We are familiar with wearing helmets during sporting events, but it is crucial to wear a properly fitting helmet while biking, rollerblading, or skateboarding. Helmets prevent up to 85% of head injuries and 65% of facial injuries among bicyclists. Please see the following link to learn about bicycle safety.

Bike and Small Wheeled Recreation Safety Overview (MyHealth Alberta)

How to fit your bicycle helmet (YouTube video)

Photos – Erdkinder (Odyssey Trip)

Photos – Erdkinder (misc)

Photos – Upper Elementary

Photos – Lower Elementary

Photos – Casa

Photos – Toddler