Dress Code

Along with school spirit and pride, a dress code enhances unity and equality of students. As families come from varying economic backgrounds, a dress code helps level the economic component of what the students wear or can afford to wear. It also minimizes distractions and ensures the right tone for the classroom. The attention and emphasis remains on the children in the classroom; who they are, what they are doing, what they are feeling, and what they are learning.

 Navy Khaki

Our dress code is casual, and comfortable, with white or navy tops and navy or khaki bottoms. Girls may wear shorts, pants, or skirts with golf shirts, polo shirts or blouses on top. Boys may wear pants or shorts with golf shirts, polo shirts or dress shirts. When it is chilly, a navy vest or sweater can be worn on top.

We do not require a specific line of clothing, and there are no school logos required so you should be able to find appropriate clothing where you would normally shop. Some companies that specialize in appropriate lines are HalpernsLands’ Endthe Gap and  Children’s Place. You can also find appropriate clothing at retailers such as Old Navy and Hudson’s Bay.


As a part of demonstrating personal pride, children are expected to dress in clean, well maintained, and properly fitting clothing.

TopsPlain, solid white or navy tops. This can be in the form of golf shirts, polo shirts, turtle necks, dress shirts, or blouses with long or short sleeves. All shirts with the exception of turtle necks must have collars.
Vest/SweaterA navy or white vest or sweater allows children to adjust their layers. Hoodies are not appropriate during class.
PantsSolid navy or khaki pants, in simple cuts with flat fronts or pleats and subtle pockets. Cargo pants are not acceptable. Jogging pants and sweat pants are not acceptable.
Shorts, Skirts, and SkortsSolid navy or khaki bottoms hemmed within 3″ of the knee. Cargo shorts and skirts are not acceptable. 
Tunics and JumpersSolid navy, or khaki, hemmed within 3″ of the knee.
Footwear/Hosiery Soft soled, solid black or navy shoes for indoor use with non-marking soles. Hosiery (socks, tights) must be plain navy or white. 
Jewellery and Accessories Small stud earrings, religious, or medical necklaces and bracelets are acceptable. Fashion accessories are not permitted at school.
Simple hair ornamentation such as barrettes, elastics, and plain headbands are allowed. Cosmetic products should not be visible.
Backpacks/ Lunch bags Plain products, without distracting logos or images. 

It is helpful to keep an extra set of clothing at the school, especially for Casa students.