The philosophy and curriculum of Maria Montessori Education Centre is firmly rooted in the Montessori Method as established by Dr. Maria Montessori. In 2023 our school received re-accreditation by the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (“CCMA”). We have maintained our accrediation since 2012. MMEC hires faculty with an Alberta Teaching Certificate and MACTE accredited Montesssori training.

CCMA Accredited Member schools have successfully completed an in-depth accreditation process through the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA). The accreditation focuses on delivery of Montessori best practices and student outcomes. CCMA Accredited Member schools must undertake a reaccreditation process every five years. In addition to Accreditation, CCMA Membership allows participation in professional development, connections with the greater Montessori community and support for the life-long benefits of Montessori education for every child in Canada.

Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (“CCMA”) accreditation is assurance that your guides have met or exceeded internationally recognized Montessori training standards, and the school operates in accordance with best business and Montessori practices. Find out more at

The Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) web site,, explains the significance of accreditation, and outlines accreditation criteria.

Alberta Ministry of Education recognizes Maria Montessori Education Centre as an accredited private school, which means we follow the Alberta Program of Studies and qualify for some funding.

It is an ongoing expectation of Maria Montessori Education Centre to maintain both Montessori and Government of Alberta accreditation.


Montessori students do not receive letter or number grades. Anecdotal reports will be made available to parents to keep them informed of their child’s progress. Student led conferences where parents can work with their children are held regularly. Montessori record-keeping is extensive and ensures that guides and students are responsible for knowledge of individual progress.

As an independent school accredited by Alberta Ministry of Education, MMEC will evaluate students in accordance with Alberta Education standards. Students will participate in Grade Three, Grade Six and Grade Nine Provincial Assessments as determined by provincial guidelines. 


Each guide will develop a Professional Growth Plan in accordance with provincial guidelines and school policy. Montessori guides and assistants will be evaluated by the principal.


The owners and Board of Directors will determine evaluation of the programs. Under the guidance of Alberta Ministry of Education, satisfaction surveys of parents, students and staff will be part of this evaluation. Where appropriate, input may be requested from outside experts in the Montessori approach.

Montessori Accreditation will also serve as an indicator of program integrity. Future goals for the program will be established as a result of the program evaluation process and will become part of the School Improvement Plan.