Affiliate Programs

One manner of fundraising that we have chosen is affiliate programs. When you make a purchase from a large company with an affiliate program we receive a percentage of the sale. When you tell your friends and family to make their similar purchase through our web site, it increases the proceeds coming into the school.

  • Lands’ End
  • Mabel’s Labels
  • Chapters Indigo

Lands’ End

Lands’ End is a reputable online provider of uniforms, dress code clothing and spiritwear. Their Preferred School Contribution Program donates 3% of the net sales of Lands’ End products back to MMEC.

MMEC has established a profile with Lands’ End including a complete list of products and clothing that follow the MMEC dress code standards. Parents are in no way limited or obligated to purchase dress code clothing from Lands’ End. This is to provide a convenient option. 

Enter School Code 900127283 with your order. In the website, this option appears on each product page and can just be entered once per order. Catalogues are also available at the school.

Mabel’s Labels

How do you ensure that your child’s personal belongings don’t get buried in the school “lost and found?” Label all of your child’s belongings with Mabel’s Labels! Durable, personalized name labels in bright colors and cool icons. Made in Canada, Mabel’s Labels withstand the dishwasher, laundry, microwave, UV rays and tons of use! Affordable and unique, you may choose from sticky labels, bag tags, shoe labels, iron-on, tag mates and much more. Mabel’s Labels are great for around the home, travel and perfect for school.

These label’s help your child identify their name and keep track of their belongings all while raising funds for MMEC’s Special Programs fund.

Click on the image above, or, and select “Maria Montessori Education Centre” from the drop list menu, then proceed with your shopping.

Chapters Indigo

Use our special affiliate link
…to do all of your Chapters Indigo shopping on-line. Simply by starting here each time, a percentage of each sale made will be paid to Maria Montessori Education Centre Ltd.