School Personnel

All of our accredited Montessori guides collaborate to ensure program integrity; each has the appropriate training, experience and commitment required to provide an authentic Montessori environment in their classroom and throughout the school. Classroom assistants, administrators and volunteers are all chosen to support Montessori values and help model appropriate behaviours.

Amanda Kershaw,

Amanda received her B.Sc., B.Ed. (Elementary Education), and M.Ed (Educational Leadership) from the University of Calgary. She also studied at the Toronto Montessori Institute (TMI), where she received her MACTE accredited elementary Montessori training.

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Amanda has worked primarily in Montessori education. She also brings experience in teaching English as a second language and expertise in special education. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys time with her family, gardening, snowboarding, cooking, and reading. Amanda’s youngest son currently attends MMEC.

Her Comments on Montessori
“A Montessori Education offers the child the entire universe. It encourages a gratitude for everything and everyone. I am inspired by Maria Montessori’s profound respect for children and her desire to foster their independence, internal motivation and natural desire to learn.”

Servejit Massey,

Along with her Board of Directors role, Servejit oversees the Toddler, Casa and Before and After Care programs. She has MACTE accredited Casa training with a designation from the Montessori Institute of America (MIA). Servejit has over 25 years of Montessori experience at private schools in Toronto and Calgary.

Servejit enhances her work life with yoga, running, music, reading, and cooking. Servejit is also a dedicated Montessori parent whose three daughters completed Montessori elementary.

Her Comments on Montessori
“The Montessori Philosophy inspires guides to embrace each child with respect, humility and sensitivity. This, and the prepared environment, allow each child to appreciate and explore his or her innate qualities and desires.”

Lead Guides

Toddler1: Syeda Zehra
Toddler2: Jessica Revell
ToddlerKE: Abbey Dunn

Casa1: Geeta Singh
Casa2: Kleona Gishti
Casa3: Rubeena Virji
CasaKE: Cyprus Michalchuk

LE1: Amanda Dardes
LE2: Masaharu Mikami
LE3: Ellen Kunaman

UE1: Sandy Moser
UE2: Gina Gaul

   Joanna Colgan,
   Brittany Dupuis &
   William Porto