Erdkinder Program (Junior High)

The Montessori Erdkinder program offers a unique and optimal environment to assist the early adolescent with the transition from childhood to adulthood. The student outcome of the program is a confident older adolescent who is equipped with the indicators that lead to success in broad areas of life. Areas such as academic pursuits, career choices in a new and modern workforce, financial management, healthy personal relationships, and overall well-being are all part of the Erdkinder program.

The Erdkinder program is a continuation of the interdisciplinary, collaborative and independent learning that happens in the Montessori Elementary environment. Collaborative, engaging work in the broader society and in nature spark questions that respond to the adolescent need for reflection and contemplation.

Erdkinder students:

  • enjoy thinking creatively and critically for themselves
  • have opportunities to be in ‘flow’ where challenge and interest are peaked
  • are expected to be organized
  • engage in the economy through production and exchange for money
  • learn to express their opinions and deeply listen and respond to the opinions of others in a respectful way
  • use computer technologies with purpose

Our learning environment extends beyond the walls of the classroom to incorporate the community and to build a sense of belonging and responsibility. Students engage in ‘occupations’ – real and meaningful intellectual and hands-on work. This includes the planning, budgeting and organizing of fall and spring multi-day land-based Odyssey trips. Students take on a variety of managerial roles in both occupations and community service.

The Erdkinder program, like all true Montessori environments, continues to keep the developmental needs of the student at the centre. We optimize our environment to assist our students through this dynamic period of academic, social, and emotional growth.