Casino Volunteer

MMEC will be raising funds in 2022 though Alberta’s Charitable Gaming program.

This opportunity is usually given every 2 years, but due to COVID, we have not been able to casino-fundraise since 2019.

Casino funds pay for MMEC technology used by students, such as tablets and computers. They have been invaluable during this 3 year stretch.

You can help out by volunteering to work at a Calgary Casino for a 4 hour shift. Our Casino days are:
– 2022-08-11 (Sunday, August 11) and
– 2022-08-12 (Monday, August 12).

Please follow this link to our signup sheet.

Casino Volunteer signup sheet will receive your name and phone for any role and time you can help out. Once you’ve entered your name and phone, the cells containing that information will change to read “HIDDEN” and your data will be private from other volunteers.

Please contact Servejit Massey at if you have any questions.

Thank you for any 4-hours you can help us with this important fundraising program!